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About EasyCredit Directory

What We Can Do For You

EasyCredit is a reliable and trusted Directory for licensed money lenders and financial companies in Singapore. We provide information about financial services in the country that offer legal loan and credit services for your concerns. While we do not provide the loans, our efficient directory engine can assist all borrowers who are looking to find and consult Singapore’s legitimate and reputable moneylenders. Among the different financial fields that we feature in our directory include licensed moneylenders, insurance agents and companies, business financing institutions, mortgage loan agents, pawnshops and banks.

About EasyCredit

For Users & Borrowers

We aim to help borrowers find reputable financial institutions or reliable Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore that they can count on for their concerns. We make it a point that our users experience a hassle-free and quick way of finding financial services and loan packages that cater to their needs. EasyCredit achieves this goal by featuring reputable companies in various financial fields that are relevant to their concerns. After conducting your search, we encourage you to leave a feedback that can benefit other users of our website.

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For Lenders & Loan Providers

EasyCredit addresses the needs of numerous customers and potential borrowers who are in search of licensed money lenders and financial institutions in Singapore. Hence, we do our best to provide our customers with the finest and most reliable solutions to their needs. We realise the high volumes of individuals who are in constant search for the right money lender or financial products that will meet their expectations. Thus EasyCredit directory is well-optimised for high converting keywords to achieve top ranking on search results. Which is also why we ensure that our lenders and providers can keep their business growing fast by focusing their spending that will yield them the highest and most profitable returns on their investments possible. To get listed at EasyCredit Directory – Submit Your Listing Now!

For Lenders & Loan Providers

By choosing EasyCredit, you can expect the following benefits:

Hassle-free and safe

Hassle-free and safe means of taking out loans or borrowing money

Unreliable source may lead you to borrow money from unlicensed and illegal moneylender. This could potentially cause you a lot of trouble and lead to further financial complications. When you visit our site and begin your search, you can be sure that we only provide accurate and up-to-date information about Singapore’s legal and licensed moneylenders. It is our way of helping you in this crucial time of need.

Find more reliable Singapore licensed moneylenders

Once you are aware that the moneylender is licensed by Registry of MoneyLenders Singapore (IPTO), you can be confident about the legal standing and operations of the institution. Fortunately, only these types of moneylenders are featured in our website because we aim to protect your best interest at this tough situation in your life.

EasyCredit - For Borrowers and Lenders

Searching and Compare

Compare rates and terms offered by different moneylenders

It is worth noting that not all moneylenders are created equal. While they may be licensed to operate their business, you can expect varied rates and terms offered by each. With this in mind, it is important to compare rates and shop around before submitting your loan application to a particular moneylender. After all, being practical can save you from paying hefty interest rates that may only put you in deeper financial constraints in the long run.

Achieve peace of mind that your personal details remain private

We understand how important it is to protect your personal information, particularly when you are divulging details about yourself on the internet. Rest assured that once you enter your vital personal information in our website, these details remain well-protected from other individuals. That is our way of earnestly showing our concern for our clients who only need to search for the right lenders who can help them.

Personal Details Remain Private

credit and finance management techniques

Obtain pertinent credit and finance management techniques

When times are tough, one of the things you need are tips on how to manage your credit and finances to overcome more financial issues in the future. As you browse through our website, you can find a plethora of finance management tips that can be quite helpful when you want to improve your credit standing.

Calculate possible monthly installments prior to taking out a loan

It helps to have an idea about the possible amount you need to allot for your monthly payments. So, why not use our efficient monthly installments calculator and have an estimated cost of loan repayments that you need to settle once you take out your loan? We make things much easier for you, so it helps to check out this feature for your convenience. Try out our personal loan calculator here.

Easy Loan Calculator

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