4 05, 2018

Living With No Debt and No Credit Score

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The life is possible without debts as well. The debts are however also necessary in the life and people consider it a very necessary thing in life. Many are there who simply hate the idea of the borrowing money and in return paying the interest rate to them. Life without the debt is indeed an easy thing. You can make your life easier by [...]

1 03, 2016

Licensed Moneylenders Permitted to Look Into Borrowers’ Data Through a New Credit Bureau

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SINGAPORE – Licensed moneylenders in Singapore are given an opportunity to access and review potential borrowers' repayment and loan records, beginning March 1. This is made possible by the new MLCB or Money Lenders Credit Bureau. Thus, it is made easier for Singapore moneylenders to determine borrowers' credit history and records, which will prevent the latter from borrowing a massive [...]